Why choose us?

  • Fantastic shelf life
  • Great colour and consistency 
  • High quality worms 
  • Competitively priced 
  • Exported globally

The finest quality in wax worms

A purpose built factory, using the latest technology, helps Wazp-Brand UK Ltd produce some of the finest grub bait available.

We only feed our larvae natural honey and bees' wax, this makes our worms superior to those of our competitors.

With over 25 years' experience in breeding and supplying wax worms, we will not be beaten on quality or service.

Do you need live worms?

Wazp-Brand UK Ltd produce unbeatable quality live worms:

  • Very good shelf life
  • Excellent colour
  • Great consistency
  • Fish, bird and reptile food
  • Wax worms are the larvae of the wax moth
  • Wazp-Brand UK's nutritional analysis shows they are rich in protein, moisture and fat
  • Wax Worms are excellent food for wild and captive birds, reptiles and fish

Wax Worms are the world's leading live grub bait. They are used by anglers for carp, chub, grayling, catfish and all species of trout.


Looking for the best quality wax worms available?
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